Clay by Melanie Keevil – An exhibition of new ceramics – Starts this Saturday

Starting on Saturday, a solo exhibition of new ceramic art by Melanie Keevil is on display at the Art Barn in Preston Bagot, Henley in Arden, Warwickshire. The landscapes and architecture of Cornwall, Wales, the south of France, Italy and Spain are the inspiration behind the subtle textures and colour palette used on Melanie’s wall panels. Her sculptures are a response to depictions of the female form by earlier civilisations. The show runs for two weeks and features over seventy new pieces of ceramic work by Melanie. Visit for full details.


Two Days To Go

Only two days left to go before the private view at Preston Bagot. Final kiln firing went on yesterday and should be ready Friday morning! No pressure! 78 pieces of work on show. Should be good but I can’t guarantee the weather!