Through research into ancient civilisations I developed an interest in fragments, remains, surfaces and colours. Visits to Pompeii and Southern France revealed wall surfaces, rich with weathered stone, erosion of plaster and paint, and man made notations. This inspired my initial series of wall panels. It was an opportunity to experiment and discover the textures that can be achieved by utilising clay, plaster, slips and glazes.

My early ceramic panels used a limited colour pallet of white and neutrals with a little colour. They were abstract works based on Mediterranean architecture and landscapes. My recent work has been inspired by the architecture and colours of Catalonia and the rock formations and stones of the Cornish and Welsh landscape. By combining the energy of linear rhythm and the balance of space and mass, I explore the surface texture of buildings and the structures of the landscape. I aim to reveal the forces of nature on man made materials and the natural landscape, the weathering of stone, paint and plaster through light and shadow on relief and texture.