I graduated from Buckinghamshire College in 1990 with a degree in Ceramics. I work from my garden studio in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

I make abstract stoneware wall panels that explore the relationship between colour, form and light.

My work is a personal response to different landscapes. Some pieces evoke the rich landscapes of Provence and Barcelona drawing upon hilltop towns, mountains, cypress trees and weathered buildings. The surface textures, colours and proportions of stone and plaster walls, sun bleached shutters and doors are documented and abstracted in my latest work. Closer to home, the rock formations and coastlines of the Cornish and Welsh landscapes are also represented.

I hope to give a sense of place but also to leave my work open to the viewer’s own interpretation so that they can draw on their own experience and create their own meaning.

My work is hand-built from white stoneware clay. It is carved and layered with coloured slips and stains. I then apply multiple glazes to create rich, varied textures and contrasting surfaces.


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